Program Registration

Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 90 day(s)
Commission type Variable, depending on your 30 day(s) sales volume.
Additional terms - High Conversion Rate: 52% - Cross-Device Tracking - Extra Generous 90-day Cookie Window (If Customer Enters Our Store and Purchases within 90 Days. You get the Credit) - Regular Performance Incentives - World-class Affiliate Support
  1. When and how you will pay your affiliates, for example;
  • Scheduling - Your funds will be dispersed on the last day of every month. 
  • Thresholds - You must influence a minimum sale of $50 to be paid. 
  • Method - Funds will be sent through Paypal,, Bank Wire. (Fees will be split 50% between us)

2. Any promotional methods that are not allowed, for example;

  • Trademarks - Our brand is trademarked, however, you are welcome to use it, as long as you do not represent yourself as us.
  • Offer Placement - You may place your offer on platforms that are controlled by you. 

3. Your policy towards self-dealing, for example;

  • Friends and Family - You will get paid if friends and family use your affiliate link. 
  • Affiliate Using Their Own Offer - Affiliate purchases your product using their own affiliate link. 

4. Any products/product categories that are excluded from our program:

  • Discounted Items - We do not put our products on sale unless it is a special holiday. If we discount our items, YOU WILL be paid based on the price of the discounted item. 
  • Low Priced Items - You earn commission on all items, however, please note that you must generate $50 for us to disperse funds to you. 

5. Anything else that will result in disqualified purchases, for example;

  • Negative Commentary - Any affiliates that negatively impact the Inscribe Self brand will be removed from our affiliate platform. If you have any difficulties, simply reach out to us at [email protected] 
  • Offensive Content - Affiliates are forbidden from placing our content on adult-themed websites or inappropriate websites. Use good judgment before making a decision.